Writer’s Redux

December 1, 2009
  1. Finish this sentence: Creative writing is…something that will be different to every single person.  No creative writing will be like anything else and this is why it is creative.  Creative writing is an expression of who is writing it and the thoughts and emotions that they are experiencing at that particular time when writing it.
  2. Briefly describe your history or background in reading and writing creative texts.  After this class, I have a lot more “experience” than I did when I first started the class.  I have experienced some bizarre writing to some normal writing.  Either way it is good to be exposed to these different types of writings and different authors and subjects.
  3. Are writers born, made, or both? Explain your answer.  I think that some people can have an easy time writing and are just naturally gifted at it.  Others have to work on it, but they can learn to be just as good as those who were born gifted writers.  Writing is a talent that needs practice and study.  The more people write, the better they can become.
  4. Explain how writing affects your daily life.  Writing affects my daily life because I am an English major, all I ever do is write.  However it’s not usually been about creative writing, it’s always been essays and more structured.  Which I enjoy, but creative writing is still a good way of expressing ones self and can be useful in the future.
  5. What is the purpose of the creative writer in contemporary society?  I feel that the purpose is to express what is going on in the writer’s head.  It is all about expression.
  6. Will you continue to write creatively when this course ends? What are your plans?  I might, here and there, if things come to mind.  But honestly I won’t force myself to sit down and write.  I write best when I write at random times.  It helps me to become creative and I can get on a role if I do it when I get ideas.

Journal Review

November 15, 2009

For my journal review I’ve decided to look at The Chicago Review, based out of Chicago.  This journal takes three specific kinds of submissions: poetry, fiction, and book reviews.  Each submission has its own specific set of rules that are explained on the website.  For poetry, they say that their editors like to read three pages of poetry with a cover letter.  For the fiction submissions they do not generally publish works that are over 5000 words.  They also do not want writers to submit more than two stories per year for consideration of publication.  For non-fiction book reviews submissions can range anywhere between 150 words to 6000 words depending on the type of review it is.  They accept notes, book reviews and essay reviews.  They also want the submitter to become familiar with the Chicago Review audience to know what kind of books would be prevalent to the readers.

The journal publication costs $12 an issue for the United States and $17 for Canada.  The journal is a print journal, and there are options of ordering back orders of the journal; in fact the encourage submitters to take a look at past publications so the submitter can become familiar with the types of work that the journal publishes.  For one to submit to the journal they need to do so through the mail in a self-addressed envelope, they never will take submissions through email or fax.  For each piece submitted they want the author to specify the type of work that it is.  They say that it can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months to hear a response on whether or not the submitters work is published.


October 29, 2009

So for this weeks small group exercise I think i actually have a good piece.  At least in my head it is good, well the concept it good.  Whether or not it translates well on paper is another story.  But i feel that it is still good, and I was actually writing without thinking, which is good.  I feel like I’m coming along with being able to creatively write…I hope!


October 26, 2009

So for the project of find a book with a bunch of short stories or poems, I’ve chosen to go with Hemingway’s collection of short stories.  Since I’m in a senior seminar class focusing specifically on Hemingway I am familiar with his writing, and I can understand why he put things together.  It’ll be interesting to see how he does put things together and try and understand his thinking.


October 15, 2009

So with See Jack, I am really liking this work.  It is creative, and easy to read, unlike POVEL and each story is different in it’s own way.  I really enjoy how each story is not the same, and each one offers completely new stories.  My favorite story by him was Applicant.  I thought this to be clever, as the applicant is being truthful and in the end gets rewarded by it.  His stories are very creative and I am enjoying reading him.


September 30, 2009

So for this final project i think that i have some really good pieces to turn in.  I feel like they are pretty good, most of them and i am satisfied with what i am turning in.  i tried to take the best from my writings, and i came up with 2 new pieces as well.  it’s nice to know though that we are not getting graded on content, but we get feedback on how we can make our pieces better.  It makes me feel a lot better about what i have written


September 28, 2009

From last class i got really good info about my poem that i wrote and i feel like i got good feedback about what i had written.  Now i gotta make sure that i have a good 7 solid writing items to turn in for my portfolio.  I have a few here and there that i feel good about turning in.  I just got to write em up and turn em in…it’ll be nice to finally have half the class finally done with!


September 24, 2009

I thought the writing assignment we had in our last class was creative and different.  Having to take a saying and change it to make it mean something else was definitely a challenge, but it was a creative challenge and i liked it.  I also like how we now only do two full class workshops instead of three.  i feel that it is better for the authors because they can get more feedback and the pieces can have more of a discussion.


September 17, 2009

So today in class we met in our small groups for class.  I actually really liked this small group idea because it gets more personal and it’s easier to ask questions and get better feedback from those within the group.  Also i like it for the reason that the people in my group will get to know me as a writer and i feel that is a great thing.  All in all i feel like the group projects will do wonders for not only my writing but everyones writing as well.


September 10, 2009

Again, i loved what we did in class on tuesday.  i really enjoy the collaborative writing assignments.  they are always really fun, and can really get ideas flowing.  i would love to do more of them